Second Chance (Forge)

Second Chance (Forge)


No more one-hit kills or accidental falls!

Server Utility

Created3 years ago
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This is a port of zoeytheegoist's Fabric mod of the same name.

Inspired by the titular ability from Kingdom Hearts, If you have 7 or more hearts of health, damage that would have originally killed you in one hit will now leave you with half a heart! This allows you a chance to react to what would have been a lethal blow! (You'll know by the sound cue that plays.)

In the spirit of fairness, this feature will not kick in when suffering fall damage, crushing damage or void damage.

It's designed as a sort of hidden accessibility feature that benefits everybody. It's not very fair to get one-shot by a Creeper if you can't hear them sneak up on you, right?

Additionally, this port introduces a new feature: Coyote Time! Inspired by the mechanic from Celeste of the same name, Coyote Time allows you to jump mid-air the moment after you've fallen off of a ledge! This gives you a chance to correct your mistake if you've slipped off for whatever reason.

Config Options:

  • Whether the Second Chance mechanic is enabled

  • Whether the Coyote Time mechanic is enabled

  • How long you can mid-air jump after falling off a ledge

  • How much health will remain when you get a Second Chance

  • How many hearts you need for a Second Chance to kick in

  • Whether or not the sound will play when it activates

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You can follow the original creator of the mod on Twitter: @Astrazoey. The mod was ported by HellionGames of Infernal Studios!

Model and animation of the logo was created by nekomaster1000, inspired by the original logo created by Shock Micro.

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