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Server Finder by BlockAtlas


The BlockAlas mod offers a user-friendly, in-game server browsing experience. With a sleek and organized interface, players can discover, add, and join servers without ever leaving their game.


1. Server Categories (Left Panel):

  • All Servers: View all available servers at once.
  • Survival: Find servers focused on survival gameplay.
  • PvP: Servers centered around player versus player combat.
  • Economy: Join servers with an in-game economy system.
  • Java: Specifically for Java version servers.
  • Minigames: Servers offering various minigames.
  • Community: Servers with a strong community focus.
  • SMP: Survival Multiplayer servers.
  • Bedrock: For Bedrock version servers.
  • Vanilla: Pure, unmodified servers.
  • Skyblock: Floating island survival challenge servers.
  • Anarchy: Servers with minimal rules and restrictions.
  • and much more

2. Server Listings (Right Panel):

  • You are able to double click each server listing to join just like the vanilla multiplayer screen.
  • You can scroll and find up to date servers all in game!

3. Functional Buttons:

  • Join Server: Connects you directly to the highlighted server.
  • Add Server: Add a new server to your multiplayer list.
  • Vote: Vote for your favourite servers.
  • Back: Return to the multiplayer screen.

You are able to now switch servers while in game via the new button in the ESC menu.

Please note: We do collect statistics on join statistics via the list.

With BlockAlas, finding the perfect server for your gameplay style has never been easier. Enjoy a seamless transition between server browsing and gameplay, all from within the Minecraft UI.

All servers are updated live from

Report any bugs found via our discord:

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