Server Hats

Server Hats


Server-side Fabric mod that allows players equip items as hats

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Server-side Fabric mod that allows players equip items as hats.
To equip an allowed item, simply put it in the helmet slot - no commands necessary!
The mod is very customizable, making it easy to tune it to your preference.

Requires Fabric API


By default, mod allows players to equip most items that have special rendering rules in vanilla Minecraft:

  • Banners
  • Fence gates
  • Amethyst clusters and buds
  • Beds
  • Feather
  • End rod
  • Lightning Rod
  • Spyglass
  • Lead
  • Bone
  • Cod
  • Conduit

And some other ones I thought looked cool\funny:

  • Glass blocks (including tinted and stained glass)
  • Azalea bushes
  • Scaffolding
  • Big dripleaf
  • Slime and honey blocks
  • Composter

You can remove/add any items to this list. You can also make it so any item in the game can be used as a hat!

These items can also be equipped to players with a dispenser and can be enchanted with curse enchantments on an anvil (for when you want to test your friendships).

Shift-clicking these items will not equip them - that way players won't accidentally end up with their building blocks on their heads.

You can tweak all of those features using a /hats command, or a configuration file. You can read more here:

Known issues

  • While in multiplayer, players in creative mode cannot equip allowed items to a helmet slot

Found a bug?

Please consider reporting it on GitHub.

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