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SHFA - Same Hitboxes For All

This mod aims to make building a lot easier by making the hitboxes of glass panes, iron bars, and chains the same. No more misplacing blocks!

This mod adds a key binding (by default H, but it can be configured in Controls settings), which when pressed, will toggle between small vanilla hitboxes and full cube hitboxes.


What blocks are known to work?

The following blocks have been tested to work with a larger hitbox:

  • Glass panes
  • Iron bars
  • Fences
  • Chains
  • End rods
  • Lightning rods

If there is something missing, just leave an Issue on the GitHub repository.

Can I change what blocks are affected by SHFA?

Starting with Version 1.0.2, this is possible. In the mod's config screen, you can list what blocks and tags are to be affected by SHFA. Note: you may need ModMenu on Fabric to access the config screen.

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