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Silk [sɪlk] is a Minecraft API for Kotlin - targetting Fabric, Quilt and Paper.

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Features of the API:

  • an inventory GUI API
  • a Kotlin wrapper for Brigadier
  • a Kotlin DSL for creating complex Text objects
  • coroutine utilities and tasks
  • kotlinx.serialization support for Minecraft classes
  • a scoreboard (sideboard) API
  • ItemStack utilities
  • serialization of any class to NBT with kotlinx.serialization
  • an NBT builder
  • an API for storing persistent data on Chunks, Entities etc
  • kotlinx.serialization based networking (packets c2s, s2c and c2c)
  • Kotlin Compose UI support
  • general extensions for Entities, Worlds and more
  • geometry utilities


The docs are located at silkmc.net/silk/docs.

Read them to get started with each module and see how to add it to your Gradle project.


Current versions of Silk are available under the GPL-3.0, while older versions below 1.5.1 of (at that time FabrikMC) have been shared under the Apache-2.0 License.