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SimpleHomes has been archived. SimpleHomes will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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A small and simple mod that adds a singular home for all players

Required Mods

This mod is dependent on BFAPI


Name Permission OpLevel Description
sethome simplehomes.use 0 Sets the players home at their current location
home simplehomes.use 0 Teleports the player to their home


The config is found under simplehomes.json in the config directory

Field Type Description Default
homePermission String The permission used to see if a player can use /home simplehomes.use
homeSetMessage Text the text sent to a player when they run /sethome Your home has been set
homeStorage JsonObject The place where home locations are stored {}
warmup Integer The time a player must stand still before they are teleported (in seconds) 5
noHomeMessage Text The message sent to a player when they do not have a home to return to You do not have a home set!
forceHomeToBeBed Boolean If all homes should be tied to the players respawn point false
failedToTeleportDueToMovement Text The message sent to a player when they move during a teleport Teleport to home canceled as you moved!
sendTextViaActionBar Boolean If messages should be sent to players via the actionbar or via the chat true
teleportSucceeded Text The message sent to a player when they teleport to their home Teleported to your home!
teleportWait Text The message sent to a player when they run /home and the warmup begins Teleporting shortly, please do not move
cooldown Integer The time (in seconds) between /home requests from players 30
cooldownMessage Text The text sent to a player when they try to do /home while on cooldown You are on cooldown!
  "homePermission": "simplehomes.use",
  "homeSetMessage": {
    "color": "gold",
    "text": "Your home has been set"
  "homeStorage": {},
  "warmup": 5,
  "noHomeMessage": {
    "color": "red",
    "text": "You do not have a home set!"
  "forceHomeToBeBed": false,
  "failedToTeleportDueToMovement": {
    "color": "red",
    "text": "Teleport to home canceled as you moved!"
  "sendTextViaActionBar": true,
  "teleportSucceeded": {
    "color": "gold",
    "text": "Teleported to your home!"
  "teleportWait": {
    "color": "gold",
    "text": "Teleporting shortly, please do not move"
  "cooldown": 30,
  "cooldownMessage": {
    "color": "red",
    "text": "You are on cooldown!"


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