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Same as 1.3.0 but has OneConfig instead of Essential

New Features

  • Searching: You can now type or press the search button in the map gui to search NPCs, portals or islands
  • Show NEU waypoints on map by nea89
  • Added option for POI scale for map and mini map
  • Added option to disable NPCs and portals separately for the mini-map

Bug Fixes

Fixed POIs not staying stationary when "rotate with player" is disabled

New Features

  • Added PIOs on the mini-map (npcs, portals, ...)
  • Show Skytils waypoints on the map
  • Navigation now supports NPCs


  • Smaller default mini-map size to accommodate people with a higher UI scale

New Features

  • added underground zoom multiplier option for mini map
  • added background to mini map
  • added buttons in map to look at a different world
  • smooth crossfade in mini map (might not be noticable with hud caching)


  • made mini map smoother (might not be noticable with hud caching)
  • updated condition system for a lot more maps (howling caves for example)
  • async asset loading
  • only download new map file if it has changed
  • download gzipped version of map file so size downloaded is smaller

Bug fixes

  • fixed clicks teleporting/opening wiki page in map when dragging
  • only close gui when actually teleporting
  • fixed renders looking blurry

The very first release of SkyGuide, for more info see README

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