Generation and utility mod for Fabric sky block games

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Created 9 months ago
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Generation and utility mod for Fabric sky block games.

You do not need to ask me in order to use this mod in a modpack or to use this code in your own mod. However, I would love to hear about it so I can check it out.

See the wiki for configuration and details.

What does Skylark do today?

Currently implemented features:

  • Disable all Overworld generation.
  • Preserve the distribution of biomes.
  • Allow generation of any starting feature (trees, etc.).
    • At a configurable height, and
    • Randomized from a configured list, which
    • Defaults to (most of) the Minecraft trees
  • Spawn the player on the generated feature.
  • Option to distribute multiple players either:
    • All at (0, 0) on a shared spawn feature, or
    • In a ring of configurable radius centered on (0, 0)
  • Track and persist player default spawn location individually.

What might Skylark do eventually?

Currently planned features:

  • I think in 1.19 I can allow generation of structures too.
  • Maybe add bonus things specific to finding different biomes?
  • Add a mechanism to put players into teams and spawn teams together.

I will generally add any features I find useful for sky block play but which are not already available via other Fabric mods. Suggestions are welcome.