The Discovery of Slime

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Slimeology: The Discovery of Slime

Requires Auto Config 3.3.1 to run.

NEWS: Waiting for Fabric Biomes API to update to 1.18 before I start updating. Unless I work on the next module of the mod to allow custom crafting of Coloured Slimeballs, but that is currently unlikely due to some personal issues.


Explore the world in search of more varieties of slime than ever! Enjoy an expanded block palette for both building and redstoning!

Custom advancements will guide you along every step of the way.

Requires Auto Config 3.3.1 to run.

Supports 1.16.1, 1.16.3, 1.16.4 and 1.16.5. 1.16.2 support may be added in future.

Chinese translation included (zh_cn).

Block Palette

Coloured Slimes

The natural slimy interstitia have strengthened, allowing these new slimes to spawn on the surface in slime chunks. No more relying on quarrying out large underground chambers and torching caves, nor consulting third-party apps. Just look around for bouncy silhouettes at night time, and keep an eye on the moon. Explore the biomes of the world to collect all the colours!

The biomes to which Coloured Slimes are allocated for spawning can be adjusted via config.

Coloured Slimes video

Coloured Slimes colslimecombo_01 colslimescombo_02 colslimecombo_03

Coloured Slime Blocks and Coloured Slimeballs

More sticky blocks for jumping! For building! For redstoning! They can do everything a vanilla Slime Block can do like bouncing stuff, sticking to stuff, launching entities and transmitting redstone. They will stick to other blocks or their own colours when moved by a piston, but won’t stick to different colours or to Honey Blocks.

Craft 9 Coloured Slimeballs into a Coloured Slime Block, just like the vanilla recipe.

2) coloured slimeball > csb

A Coloured Slime Block can be crafted by into 9 Coloured Slimeballs as well.

1) csb > coloured slimeball

Launching Anvils with Coloured Slime Blocks

Coloured Slime Blocks Coloured Slimeballs csb_piston1

Rainbow Slime Block

A block that sticks to everything, even other Coloured Slime Blocks and Honey Blocks. Might be quite useful, but user beware. Craft 9 of any type of Coloured Slime Block or the vanilla Slime Block to get the Rainbow Slime Block.

6) tag:slime_blocks > rainbow slime block

Rainbow Slime Block, side view Rainbow Slime Block, isometric view rainbow1 rainbow2 rainbow3

Cauldron Washing

Just like Shulker Box washing! If you want to obtain the vanilla Slime Block, fill a Cauldron with water and right-click it to wash away the colour from the Coloured Slime Block. It’s functional, but you wonder if there’s a better way.

Cauldron Washing video

Bleaching Brush

If you’ve collected a lot of Coloured Slime Blocks and wish that you could make use of the dyes inside, you’re in luck. You can scrub out the dye with the help of some water.

With some Sticks, String, Wool and a Slimeball, first craft a Bleaching Brush.

4) bleaching brush

Then place some Coloured Slime Blocks directly around water as if you were farming (i.e. corner blocks are included).

bleaching_brush and csbs

Then right-click to clean the Coloured Slime Block and scrape out a dye! Again, you wonder if there’s a more efficient way to extract dyes from Coloured Slime Blocks.

(You may ask, but how do I get a normal Slimeball without the Bleaching Brush? Well, Coloured Slimes spawn in slime chunks in the first place.)

Bleaching Brush video

Slimy Sand

Saturating a Sand Block with Slime combines the falling behaviour of Sand with the stickiness of the Slime Block. When placed next to a floating block, the Slimy Sand will fall down while dragging down the adjacent block until either block stops falling. A new convenient way of block transportation, or even block breaking.

7) slimy sand

slimysand_glass Slimy Sand Wall slimysand1 slimysand2 slimysand4 slimy_sand_03

Slimy Glass

Smelt Slimy Sand in a furnace to obtain a new type of glass with a slimy texture and sticky properties. Useful if Slime Blocks aren’t transparent enough, or if you want a little more variety in windows.

5) slimy sand > slimy glass

Slimy Glass

Coloured Sticky Pistons

Crafted with a Coloured Slimeball and a Piston. However, the coloured slime spreads out more than vanilla slime over the piston head, staining the top as well as the sides. It could be useful for organising redstone contraptions. Coloured Sticky Pistons stick to all blocks.

3) coloured slimeball + piston > csp

Coloured Sticky Pistons, top view

Known Issues

  • Spawning rates might be lower in Dark Forests and Jungles.

Known Bugs

  • Unpowered Coloured Sticky Pistons cannot be moved by Pistons.
  • Middle-clicking on the extended head of a Coloured Sticky Piston will bring up a vanilla Sticky Piston.
  • (1.17) ‘Immersion’ advancement does not trigger when the Cauldron has water level of 1.
  • (1.16+) ‘Immersion’ advancement triggers on any Cauldron block regardless of fluid type or fluid level.


  • A more effective method of separating Coloured Slime Blocks into vanilla Slime Blocks and dyes
  • Dyeing vanilla Slime Blocks into Coloured Slime Blocks
  • Slime-derived foodstuffs
  • Slimy Bricks
  • Individual spawn weight config for each type of Coloured Slime (Please contact me if you know how to determine biome distribution and allocate colours to each biome)
  • MAYBE: Configurable spawn weight for each type of Coloured Slime and biome
  • MAYBE: Slimy Armour


This mod is available under the MIT License.