SmoothBedrock By Blayyke [ARCHIVED]

SmoothBedrock By Blayyke [ARCHIVED]


This is an updated fork of SmoothBedrockFabric by Blayyke

Server World Generation

Created3 years ago
Updated3 years ago

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SmoothBedrock By Blayyke [ARCHIVED] has been archived. SmoothBedrock By Blayyke [ARCHIVED] will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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SmoothBedrock by Blayyke

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SmoothBedrock Minecraft >=1.16.2

What does this Mod do?

This mod changes the bedrock layers in the Overworld and Nether to generate in a perfect smooth layer

The Developers

Author Role Links
Blayyke Original Mod Original Repo
NoComment1105 Mod Lead Contributions


This mod is >=1.16.2 at it's oldest. I am NOT going to back-port this mod to any older versions I will try my hardest to updates this mod, in its latest release at the time, within a week the next version

If you want earlier versions got to the original repo or the Curseforge page

No Forge


these are the config defaults:

{ // Set to false to make the dimension whitelist act as a blacklist. "isWhitelist": true, /* A list of dimension ids that this mod should filter based on the 'Act as whitelist' setting. Modded dimensionFilter will need to be added here to be affected. */ "dimensionFilter": [ "minecraft:overworld", "minecraft:the_nether" ] }

If isWhitelist is True then anything in dimensionFilter will have flat bedrock

If isWhitelist is false then anything in dimensionFilter will no have flat bedrock

This part requires some knowledge of coding to use, please move on at your own choice

Building the mod

To build this mod in its dev version you need to follow some steps to compile it into the .jar Minecraft needs to use this mod. (Windows verison as that is my platform)


You will need to have a JDK 8 or greater installed on your computer to build my mod. An easy location to acquire one of these is on AdoptOpenJDK


Find the place where you've cloned the repository and type in the address bar cmd to launch Command Prompt. In here you want to type gradlew build. If this is your first time building a mod on your computer, Gradle will take a bit longer to set itself up, but after that the mod will build, you will find the resulting .jar files in build/gradle. Once you have found the folder, you want to drag and drop smoothbedrock-by-blayyke-X.X.X-SNAPSHOT.jar into your mods directory and then you're good to go


If you have discovered an issue with my mod, please do not hesitate to ask anything in my Discord or leave an issue in my issue tracker but please check for a duplicate of your issue first, thanks :)


SmoothBedrock-by-Blayyke is licensed under GNU LGPLv3, which is a free and open-source license. If you want to know more, poke your nose in the license file

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