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Sodium Extra

Client mod

Features that shouldn't be in Sodium.


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Created 2 years ago
Updated 6 days ago

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Client side
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Please do not go and ask CaffeineMC to support this. This mod has no affiliation with CaffeineMC.


  • Sodium
    • Temporary fallback resolution slider
  • Animations
    • Water
    • Lava
    • Fire
    • Portal
    • Piston
  • Particles
    • Rain Splash
    • Explosion
    • Water
    • Smoke
    • Potion
    • Portal
    • Redstone
    • Fluid drip
    • Firework
  • Details
    • Rain & Snow
    • Biome Colors
    • Sky Colors
    • Render Paintings
  • Extras
    • FPS Counter
    • Fog
    • Toasts
    • Static FOV
    • Instant Sneak
    • Light Updates
    • Prevent Shaders


  • Guardian beams disappearing after long periods of time in a world (Thanks to AMereBagatelle)

Modpack Permissions

This is a free and open-source project, you can include it in your modpack!

Common Questions

How do I use this mod? You install it alongside Sodium.

Can I rehost this mod somewhere else? Yes, as long as you provide sources. I would prefer you asked me first.

Will you add X feature to this mod? No, no promises.