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Sodium Extra


Features that shouldn't be in Sodium.

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What is Sodium Extra?

Sodium Extra aims to bring most of OptiFine's eye-candy options to Sodium; in addition to providing some features such as visual bug fixes and other performance options that are not yet available on Sodium.


Here is a basic rundown of what this mod does.

  • Animations Settings (Control fire, water, lava, block animations and etc...)
  • Particles Settings (Control all types of particles, including ones from other mods)
  • Details Settings (Control sky, stars, sun/moon, weather, and much more)
  • Render Settings (Control fog, static entities, and other miscellaneous renderings)
  • Extra Settings (Display FPS, coordinates, toast notifications, clouds, and much more)

See a more detailed explanation of what features are included in Sodium Extra here.

Modpack Permissions

This is a free and open-source project; you can include it in your mod pack as long as you provide attribution!

Common Questions

  • Do I need Sodium installed for this mod to work? You will need to download Sodium for this mod to work.
  • Can I re-host/upload this mod somewhere else? Yes, as long as you provide the mod source code. Preferably if you message/ask me for permission about it first.
  • Will you add x features to this mod? No, unless I explicitly state that I will.
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