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Somnia Awoken

Somnia Awoken is a Minecraft mod that simulates the world while you sleep. It is a port/rewrite of the mod Somnia, which was initially released in 2011.

Imagine skipping the night and wasting 10 hours of Minecraft time. Your furnaces won't smelt anything, and your crops won't grow. With Somnia, you make use of every tick. Put some ores into the furnace, sleep for a bit, then wake up to see them smolten.


  • World simulation
  • High configurability - the config allows you to ignore nearby monsters when sleeping, set your custom valid sleep times, and more!


Fatigue is a game mechanic used to control the player's sleep, ranging from 0 to 100. You can enter sleep at any time, but only if you have enough fatigue. It is displayed on the screen, in the position of your choice (bottom right by default). While the player's fatigue is updated every tick, the display is only updated every 5 seconds. If it drops below the required amount during sleep, you won't wake up.

Side Effects

It's recommended to watch your fatigue regularly, as getting too tired will result in some debuffs. These debuff will be applied only once for a certain period of time when you enter a new side effect stage. The last side effect is permanent.

The default side effects are:

  • Nausea at 70 fatigue for 150 ticks
  • Slowness II at 80 fatigue for 300 ticks
  • Poison at 90 fatigue for 200 ticks
  • Slowness III at 95+ fatigue


Instead of skipping the night, the world is sped up while you sleep. This includes mob spawns, so it's recommended to find a shelter for the night. Alternatively, you can disable mob spawning while you're alseep in the config.
New Simulation

Wake Time Selection

Somnia Awoken provides a way to select your wake time by right clicking a bed using a certain item (Default: clock). The Wake Time Selection GUI also lets you sleep without resetting your respawn point. Wake Time Selection GUI

Enhanced Sleeping GUI

Somnia provides an enhanced sleeping GUI for tracking the sleep progress, simulation tick multiplier and ETA remaining sleep time. Enchanced Sleeping GUI

Vanilla Sleep

Somnia adds an option to sleep normally, disabling simulation and skipping the night. To achieve this, sneak while entering a bed. This re-enables the default time check, so that you can only sleep at night. However, Somnia checks, such as the minimum fatigue to sleep, ignore monsters and armor, still apply. In multiplayer, Somnia will deactivate if most players choose to sleep normally.



The original author of Somnia is MALfunction84, who released it in 2011. Original thread here.

In around 2014, kingrunes ported the mod to newer minecraft versions 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7. Their thread is available via the Wayback machine.

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