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NOTICE: SoniCraft requires GeckoLib (THE FORGE VERSION OF GECKOLIB!!) in order to work properly! Please make sure you download it, and also make sure it's the Forge version and not the Fabric version or Quilt version.

Back in 2021, I noticed a severe lack of Sonic the Hedgehog mods for Minecraft (especially in modern versions like 1.16.5 and higher), so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Initially released in honor of Sonic the Hedgehog's 30 anniversary, I, EnderPreston, the creator of Village Employment, am proud to present...


To this day, this mod is the biggest Minecraft mod I have ever made, and possibly the most popular one as well, but enough of me bragging. In short, this mod adds Sonic, Sonic's friends, Sonic's world, hundreds of new blocks to build and decorate with, dozens of cool items, and more!

For more information, and even some downloadable content and addons, check out SoniCraft's official website!


Q: Will you ever port this to Fabric?
A: Sadly, no. I don't even know how to make mods for Fabric.

Q: Will you ever make the characters playable?
A: I'm afraid that's gonna have to be a no. That is entirely out of my area of expertise. HOWEVER, there is actually a Morph mod for modern versions of Minecraft if you want to do it that way. You can't use any of the characters' abilities, but it's still a good work-around. The mod is called Budschie's Morph Mod, and I would highly recommend checking it out! ;)

Q: When will this be ported to 1.15 or lower?
A: Whenever Mojang decides to add fireflies to Minecraft. =P

Q: Why do I keep finding Alex's Mobs alligators in Marble Zone?
A: Sorry, but there is nothing I can really do about that.

Happy 30th 31st 32nd anniversary, blue blur!

Older versions of this mod can be found on CurseForge.

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