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About Special Golems

Special Golems is a mobs mod focused on creating golems to guard the player from hostile enemies.


Special Golems features 4 creatable golems, the building patterns for the golems is spread throughout the world in underground lost structures.

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Redstone Golem

Redstone Golem

A very slow and short ranged golem, but is capable of unleashing tremendous damage in one punch.

Redstone Golem Pattern Requires 2 Stone Blocks, 1 Redstone Block, 1 Pumpkin.

Gold Golem

Gold Golem

A very long ranged golem, shooting lasers from its eyes.

Gold Golem Pattern Requires 3 Golden Blocks, 1 Pumpkin.

Diamond Golem

Diamond Golem

The King of all Golems, being very large and tough, Can sit down.

Diamond Golem PatternAlt textDiamond Golem Pattern Requires 24 Diamond Blocks, 1 Pumpkin.

Clay Golem

Clay Golem Clay Golem

A human like golem, being able to wear things a normal player could.

Clay Golem Pattern OR Clay Golem Pattern Requires 2 Clay Blocks or Terracotta, 1 Pumpkin.

Geckolib This Mod Requires GeckoLib

Mcreator This Mod was Created with MCreator


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Published a year ago
Updated 7 months ago