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Splatcraft is a Minecraft mod based on Nintendo’s popular game Splatoon. This mod aims to add items and mechanics based on the game in a cohesive way, such as weapons, squid transformation, Turf War, and other features.

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MrCrayfish's Obfuscate mod is required to run Splatcraft versions 3.0.0 through 3.1.3, a download for it can be found here.


Pressing the 'Z' key will grant you access to the Squid Transformation, it allows you to fit under smaller gaps, go through Iron Bars, and swim faster underwater. However, it makes you noticeably slower on land.

Player turning into a Squid

Equipping an Ink Tank in your chestplate slot allows you to gradually fill it up with Ink, which can then be used as ammo for all of the Ink Weapons added by the mod. These will cover mobs with a cosmetic coating of Ink matching your Ink Color, damage players with different Ink Colors from yours, as well as cover most blocks with Ink. Inked Blocks can serve a wide variety of functionality: while in your Squid Form, you can submerge into them as long as they match your Ink Color, allowing you to move faster, jump farther, passively regenerate health, and become undetectable to other players and mobs; you can also swim up walls of Inked Blocks. Standing on ink of an opposing color, on the other hand, will drastically slow you down and make you take constant damage, it will never be enough to kill you, but you still have to be careful around it!

Player using a Splattershot to ink blocks

To obtain most of the items provided by the mod you will have to dive deep into oceans to find Sardinium Deposits, large rock formations containing ore that can be smelted down into Sardimium. During your journey, you may also encounter Scraps and Crates that will be useful for creating weapons. Crates specifically can be inked to uncover their contents, which can include large quantities of Power Eggs, blueprints used to unlock weapons, and some exclusive items that can be used cosmetically.

A Sardinium Deposit found under a Lukewarm Ocean next to a pile of Crates

There's a total of 35 Unique Weapons, 27 Weapon Variants, and 4 Ink Tanks added by the mod. the currently available weapon classes are Shooters, Blasters, Rollers, Brushes, Chargers, Dualies, Sloshers, Splatlings, and Sub Weapons.

A display of all the available Weapons and Ink Tanks

On top of all the items, the mod adds a variety of Blocks that can be used for Map Making and Redstone Contraptions, as well as to better utilize the mechanics that have been implemented.

A display of some blocks that are added by the mod

Inkwells can be used to change the player's Ink Color, this can be done by placing one down and standing on top of it while in Squid Form. They can be crafted at an Ink Vat by combining Power Eggs, Ink Sacs, and an Empty Inkwell (obtained through crafting, stonecutting glass, or from Sunken Crates). Filters can be used at an Ink Vat to widen the selection of colors at your disposal.

Player using a variety of Inkwells to change their Ink Color

On top of everything else, the mod also adds a wide variety of tools that greatly facilitate Map Making and Gamemode Creation, allowing players to replicate the type of experience that can be found within Splatoon as well as expand upon them by combing them with Minecraft's unlimited potential.

Player demonstrating the uses of Remote Pedestals, and Ink Stained blocks


Where can I report bugs?

Make a bug report on our bug tracker: Fabric, Forge; or for a minor issue join our Discord.

Will you backport to X version?

Backporting takes a lot of time and effort to develop, especially without the newer features added by later versions of Minecraft that the mod heavily depends on. So, unfortunately, no.

Will you update to X version?

Since updating to a newer version of Minecraft means that the current one will become deprecated, as well as taking some time to develop, we tend to wait for a few updates until the community feels comfortable with moving into the next version of the game

Where can I ask questions?

Join our community Discord! You can ask in #questions, and keep up to date with the latest news and features.

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