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General Info

Spooky Bats is a mod being made for Mycelium Network's 2023 Spooky Jam. It adds a ton of unique bat variations to the game! Most bats can naturally be found throughout the overworld as well as some in the Nether.

More Details

In addition to spookily flying around, each bat drops a specific type of candy when it's killed. Each of these candies can be consumed, but beware because not all of them are beneficial!

The mod also adds a special bat type called the Void Bat. This bat does not naturally spawn in game. But, if you click it, you'll be sent to the end, as if you made contact with an ender portal.

Altar of Turmoil

In the Spooky Oak biome, there is a chance of stumbling across a structure called the Altar of Turmoil. The structure consists of four pedestals along the perimeter. Four very special bats in the mod drop four different types of cores. Once you have obtained these cores, try placing one on each pedestal and see what happens!

Note: This mod has versions for both Forge and Fabric!


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