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Squirting syringe

Various useful syringes mod.


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Created 25 days ago
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This mod is great small add-on to enhance adventure. Syringes spawns in chests so, this mod is not invisible while playing!

Squirting syringe is a mod with syringes which have different effects. you can create any syringe you like.

this mod includes:
  • heal syringe
  • warrior syringe
  • ghost syringe
  • mining syringe
  • falling syringe
  • mushroom syringe
  • luck syringe
  • fire syringe
  • focus syringe
  • clear syringe
and one item to create syringes:
  • syringe 💉

You can use syringes on yourself or... on ANY entities

Now you can create syringes to fast heal, faster mining, easier fighting and much more.

Do I plan forge edition?


Any other problems/suggestions post on Github