Stringer Things

Stringer Things


Based on a video by PhoenixSC, Stringer Things extends their idea to a full set of stringy things.

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Based on a concept in a video by PhoenixSC, Stringer Things aims to properly bring string tools to minecraft! Finally, now I don't have to raid an armour boss on an ender-wither-guardian to get that silk touch pick!

The Items

This mod adds 5 new tools to the game:

    1. String pickaxe
      As seen on TVtm
    2. String axe
      For cutting wood
    3. String shovel
      It digs dirt
    4. String hoe
      For the completionist
    5. String sword
      It goes swoooosh
and 1 new armour item:

    6. String boots
      When equipped, allows the player to wal through cobwebs unhindered

All of these items come with built-in silk touch (because it's string, of course) and can be used to harvest the respective blocks they work on. They also work as regular tools, but they're not very sturdy. They are still made out of string after all.

This is a version one of the mod, based on a concept I probably shouldn't be this excited for. Will I expand on it in the future? ...Maybe. Maybe. If this mod gains traction, who knows. Some new stringy ideas might find their way out of my head and into the code of this silly mod.

So! Why not try it? And join us all in asking

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