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Styled Player List

It's a simple mod that allows server owners to style their player list as they like! With full permission support, placeholder api support, multiple styles and player name overrides.

This mod works only on Fabric Mod Loader and compatible!

If you have any questions, you can ask them on my Discord

Also check out my other mods and project, as you might find them useful!

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Commands (and permissions):

  • /styledplayerlist - Main command (styledplayerlist.main, available by default)
  • /styledplayerlist reload - Reloads configuration and styles (requires styledplayerlist.reload)
  • /styledplayerlist switch <style> or /plstyle <style> - Changes selected style (styledplayerlist.switch, available by default)
  • /styledplayerlist switchothers <players> <style> - Changes selected style of players (styledplayerlist.switch.others)


You can find config file in ./config/styledplayerlist/.

  "defaultStyle": "default",                   // allows to select id of default player list
  "updateRate": 20,                            // change how often player list is updated (20 = every 1 second)
  "...Message": "...",                         // allows to change messages
  "changePlayerName": false,                   // if true, names of players on player list will be changed
  "playerNameFormat": "%player:display_name%", // format of player name (uses Text Parser and placeholders)
  "updatePlayerNameEveryChatMessage": false,   // if true, everytime player sends a message, theirs name will be updated 
  "playerNameUpdateRate": -1 ,                 // changes how often player name is updated (20 = every 1 second, -1 disables it)
  "permissionNameFormat": [                    // Permission based overrides of name format
      "permission": "some.permission",         // Required permission
      "opLevel": -1,                           // Alternative OP level (-1 to disable)
      "style": "..."                           // format of player name (uses Text Parser and placeholders)


This mod allows having multiple styles, that can be selected by players (just put them in ./config/styledplayerlist/styles/ and use /styledplayerlist reload command) Formatting uses PlaceholderAPI's Text Parser for which docs you can find here.

  "id": "default",   // used internally and for commands
  "name": "Default", // used is messages
  "header": [        // header of player list, every element is in new line 
    "<gradient:#4adeff:#3d8eff><bold> Styled Player List</bold></gradient> ⛏ ",
    "<color:#555555><strikethrough>        </strikethrough>[ </color><color:#FF5555>%server:online%<color:#6666676>/</color>%server:max_players%</color><color:#555555> ]<strikethrough>        </strikethrough></color>",
  "footer": [        // footer of player list, every element is in new line 
    "<color:#555555><strikethrough>                          </strikethrough></color>",
    "<gray>TPS: %server:tps_colored% <dark_gray>|</dark_gray> <gray>Ping: <color:#ffba26>%player:ping%</color>",
  "hidden": false,   // hides in commands
  "permission": ""   // required permission, leave empty if you want to allow everyone

Build in placeholders:

For supported placeholders list, see Placeholder API's wiki