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Styled Player List 3.0.0 for Minecraft 1.19.4 has been released!

Finally gave some required cleanup and improvements to this mod, bringing it closer to other ones from Styled Series! This is my oldest still maintained mod (released originally on February 1st, 2021), that has become must have for a lot of public modded Minecraft servers, as a way to display information to players and admins. It's also my 2nd most downloaded mod on CF (downloaded little over 1 milion times) and 4th on Modrinth (with 8.2k downloads). I'm happy how far it went and I'm really looking into future with this and any other of my mods.

So here is the changelog:

  • Improved performance by using "recent" additions from Placeholder API!
  • Added support for checking against predicates (via Predicate API). This allows for more flexible player name formatting and style access.
  • Added support for simple animations/switching headers and footers. This allows you to periodically change what is displayed.
  • Added ability to disable custom player name formatting per style, which preserves vanilla look. This can be used for better conditional mod compatibility.
  • Added ability to hide player names on Player List. This doesn't effect commands, suggestions or entity visibility!
  • Update time is now defined per style, instead of global config.
  • Cleaned up config format. Should be nicer to use.
  • New icon! Using similar style to Styled Sidebar one.


styledplayerlist-3.0.0+1.19.4.jar(243.65 KiB) Primary Download

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