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Look at me go!

A Minecraft mod about suction cups. Made for Modfest: Singularity.

Created for ModFest: Singularity

The Suction Cup

The Suction Cup is a powerful tool. Using it, you can climb walls!

[Refer to Climbing, First Person Climbing, and I am living on your walls in Gallery]

Getting started

To get climbing, you'll need a pair of Suction Cups, and a set of Suction Cup Boots.

The recipe for one Suction Cup

The recipe for one set of Suction Cup Boots

Featuring EMI integration!

[Refer to EMI Compat image in Gallery]

To start climbing, hold a Suction Cup on each limb. That means you need a Suction Cup in your main hand and your offhand, and you need a set of Suction Cup Boots equipped.

A player equipped with proper climbing attire


Once you're ready to climb, click a wall to start. Once you're climbing, each Suction Cup is bound to a key. When each key is pressed, the Suction Cup will toggle between sticking and not sticking.

Limb Default keybind
Left arm Left mouse button
Right arm Right mouse button
Left leg Left shift
Right leg Space

Each key can be rebound in the keybinds menu.

When not stuck to the wall, a Suction Cup can be moved with your movement keys (WASD). Click again to stick it back to the wall. Repeat until you've reached your destination.

When you want to stop climbing, you have two options. To stop immediately, release all Suction Cups.

For a more controlled stop, move a Suction Cup over towards a suitable position, like a ledge. If you hold this direction, you'll stop in 3 seconds.

In this image, the right-hand Suction Cup is off the wall. D is held, so it's moving to the right.

[Refer to Stopping image in Gallery]


Succ™ is on Maven.

maven { url = "" }

Which items are valid Suction Cups are determined by tags: succ:hand_climbing_cups and succ:feet_climbing_cups

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