A server-side mod containing useful server management commands and some vanilla tweaks

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This is a Minecraft mod that add various commands like /fly, /speed and some other useful tweaks.

Supports Minecraft 1.19 - 1.20 with the Fabric/Quilt modloader, can work purely server-side.


This mod will work out of the box with all the commands ready to be used.
There are a config file to modify some vanilla behavior, in that case please see here.


You may optionally disable, change the required permission level or remap a command name in the Command Config.

Full command list (Click to Open)
Command Description Privilege
/afk (reason) Mark yourself as AFK/No longer AFK, optionally with a reason.
Note that this only sends a chat message in chat and affects the custom /msg command in this mod.
Op Level 0
/barrierblock Gives you 1 barrier block. Op Level 2
/cmdblock Gives you 1 command block. Op Level 2
/lightblock (Light Level 0-15) Gives you 1 light block, optionally with a specified light level. Op Level 2
/clienttime <reset/day/noon/night/midnight/custom time> Set the world time only visible for you.
This works by repeatedly sending a packet to fake
your client on what time the world actually is.

/clienttime reset to follow the server time again.
Op Level 0
/clientweather <clear/rain/thunder/reset> Set the weather only visible for you.
You will have to run it again if the weather
on the actual world changes

/clientweather reset to follow the server weather again.
Op Level 0
/fancykick <Minecraft Text> Kick someone with Minecraft Raw JSON Text. Op Level 2
/silentkick <Player> Kick a player with a convincing message.
By default it is Internal Exception: java.lang.StackOverflowError, you may change it in the config file.
Op Level 2
/feed (Target player) Fill the hunger and saturation to full for you, or the player you specified. Op Level 2
/fly (Target Player) Toggle flight for you, or the player you specified.

Note: This works even in Adventure/Survival mode.
Op Level 2
/gma Change your gamemode to Adventure Mode. Op Level 2
/gms Change your gamemode to Survival Mode. Op Level 2
/gmc Change your gamemode to Creative Mode. Op Level 2
/gmsp Change your gamemode to Spectator Mode. Op Level 2
/heal (Target Player) Sets the health & hunger to full for you,
or the player you specified.
Op Level 2
/svrutil reload
Main SvrUtil command./svrutil to see the version and homepage.
/svrutil reload to reload the config
Op Level 2
/spd (speed) Set the player's walking and flying speed factor.
If (speed) not provided, it will reset to the vanilla default speed.
Op Level 2
/msg <Target Player> <Message> This sends a private message to the target player,
along with a "ding" sound.

Note: This will deregister the default vanilla /msg command.
Op Level 0
/r <Message> Reply message command.
This works the same way for /msg, except it automatically sends it
to the last player that messages you.
Op Level 0
/opLevel <Player> This returns the OP Level of the specified player. Op Level 2
/silentTp <Player> Teleport to player without sending a public system message Op Level 2
/overworld Teleport you to Overworld. Op Level 2
/nether Teleport you to The Nether. Op Level 2
/theend Teleport you to The End. Op Level 2
/suicide This kills yourself in-game, along with a public message being sent. Op Level 0
/spawn Teleport you to the world spawn. Op Level 0
/spectate <Entity to be spectated>
/spectate <Target Player> <Entity to be spectated>
This command locks the player's camera to a specified entity,
similar to how you click an entity in spectator mode.
This can be used to, for example, force the player to watch a set of animation following an invisible entity.

Note (Important!):
- This works in any gamemode, even outside of spectator.
- The player cannot unlock the camera themselves unless they re-login, or use the /unspectate command
- It only moves the player's camera, the player position remains unchanged
- The client cannot load new chunk as the player position is not changed.
Op Level 2
/unspectate <Target Player>
This is the opposite of the /spectate command, unlocking the player's camera. Op Level 2
/where <Target Player> Tells the XYZ Coordinates of the player Op Level 2


If you have any suggestions or bug report, don't hesitate to open an GitHub issue here!


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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