Syncmatica is a mod which aims to mod into litematica so that schematics and their placements can be easily shared.

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Syncmatica is a mod which aims to mod into litematica so that schematics and their placements can be easily shared.

Notice Please use with caution

Syncmatica is a mod that gives its users a lot of power and can have consequences for the server. Only use this mod if you feel confident that your users won't abuse it too heavily.


Orginal mod made by nnnik
1.20 port by kpzip

Licensed under Creative Commons Zero v1.0


Syncmatica is a mod for both Minecraft client and server. It is required on the server side for the mod to function at all, and it is also required for any clients that want to use it. (People without it on their client will still be able to play on servers that use Syncmatica, however said people will not be able to use Syncmatica) The is made for Minecraft 1.16+. It's made for Minecraft Fabric. It depends on litematica and malilib, so make sure to have those installed. Please make sure to use the most recent versions of these mods :)


First install Fabric API, MaLiLib, and Litematica. Then place the Syncmatica mod file that matches your Minecraft version in your mods folder. Now you should be able to use Syncmatica on any server that already has it installed.


For the server, you only need to install Fabric API and put the Syncmatica version of your choice in the mods folder, and you are good to go.

After running the mod once it will create a configuration file that you can use to configure the mod as you please. See Config Documentation for more information.


Once installed on your client, you can join every server normally. For servers which have Syncmatica installed you will get access to a few extra buttons. 2 of them are in the main menu and allow you to see the placements that are shared on the server and download them. Another is in your schematic placement overview and allows you to share your own litematics with the server.

You need to be in the same dimension as a syncmatic to load it.

To modify a placement just unlock a placement on your client. Lock it again after making changes to share the changes with everyone.


Feel free to join me on Discord for more information and help on the mod.

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