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Fabric Tab List

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screenshot showing the mod in action, it changes the tab list header and footer and shows a message of the day

Note: this mod is server side only and won't work on clients

A Fabric mod that lets you customize the player list (tab list) and message of the day.

The config file is located in the config directory (config/fabric-tab.json) and looks like this:

  // used internally do not change
  "configVersion": 2,
  // header of the player list (any string) [v1+]
  "header": "§7§l§oCOOL#N      SERVER       #N#N§6very cool§f#N",
  // footer of the player list (any string) [v1+]
  "footer": "#N§b#TPS tps - #MSPT mspt - #PLAYERCOUNT players - #UPTIME uptime#N",
  // sent when logging in (any string) [v1+]
  "motd": "§7§oWelcome to the server.§f",
  // amount of game ticks between each header/footer send (any number above 1) [v2+]
  "refreshTickInterval": 20,
  // enable or disable the entire mod functionality (a boolean) [v2+]
  "enabled": true


§0 is black
§1 is dark blue
§2 is dark green
§3 is dark aqua
§4 is dark red
§5 is dark purple
§6 is gold
§7 is gray
§8 is dark gray
§9 is blue
§a is green
§b is aqua
§c is red
§d is light purple
§e is yellow
§f is white
§k is obfuscated
§l is bold
§m is strikethrough
§n is underline
§o is italic
#N next line
#UPTIME show uptime
#TPS show ticks per second
#MSPT ms per tick
#PLAYERCOUNT show how many players are online

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