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A Minecraft HUD mod that aggregates information shown on the tab menu into an easily parseable format. Using custom regex fully customisable by the user, this mod is able to show the parsed information as a HUD on screen. This allows the user to not have to constantly press the tab key on servers if they want to constantly view information shown on the tab menu.

NOTE: Even though scoreboards are also available on singleplayer, for simplicity’s sake this mod will not support that particular use case.

screenshot of minecraft showing how the info in the tab menu maps to the HUD



The server ZeroMinr is notorious for only showing its timers on the tab menu in parkour courses. This is what you can do to show the timer on your screen without constantly pressing TAB:

  1. In the config screen, set as the server IP and {\d+:\d+} as the formatter.

That's all you need to do!

zerominr screenshot

If you need an example as to what the formatter is matching, run /tabgrabberdebug. This is what it should approximately show (redacted to hide all player names except mine):

Player1: null
Player2: null
Player3: null
Donphan: null
Footer: Bussolai: 00:04


This mod uses a custom format based on regular expressions to show useful information on screen.

If you try typing text on the formatter, it will be shown in the HUD as is.

Example: A formatter of abcdef will show abcdef on screen.

The power of this mod comes from its ability to capture information on the tab menu. To do that, surround a regex with curly braces. For example, if you want to match a timer on the tab menu like 23:01, and you want it to show Timer: 23:01 on the HUD, use Timer: {\d+:\d+} as the formatter. It's that straightforward!

Since this is a Java mod, the regex used must be compatible with the stock regex parser that comes with Java.

To omit unneeded information, capture groups are used to capture only certain parts of the tab menu.

It will use the first capture group in your regex, or match the entire raw tab info if there is a match but there are no capture groups.

To escape curly braces, put a backslash (\) before it.

NOTE: Try and avoid overcomplicated regexes with backtracking or the use of too many of them at once. The regexes provided for a server matches tab menu information on every tick, so it may slow down client-side FPS significantly if the regexes provided are not particularly well optimized. To avoid any further strain on your PC, this mod tries to avoid compiling regexes unless absolutely necessary, and caches them if the regexes provided does not change.

More on tab information

In reality, what the mod is actually scraping is header and footer information sent from the server, together with the scoreboard. An example of a header can be something like "Welcome to Hypixel".

What scoreboard is shown is based on the objective set by the server owner. For example, if health is set as an objective to be shown to the player, this mod is programmed to do that, replacing the heart icons with a decimal.

To allow for easier parsing, this mod removes any styling and section symbols specified by the server, and also strips whitespace.

Something known as a "formatter" is used to parse tab menu info and format it as a HUD.

NOTE: Newlines in your formatter play a crucial role in determining what would be shown to the user. If a line in your formatter fails to match anything on your tab, it will silently fail and skip over to the next line in your formatter. This can be exploited by the user if the server shows similar tab info on different minigames for example.

Config options

Enter the config screen via the mod menu.

  • Enable/disable HUD (you can also toggle this via a keybind)
  • HUD position (in percentage)
  • Text color
  • Text background
  • Text alignment
  • Text shadow
  • Text scale
  • Server configuration

Server configuration

To allow for different information to be shown on different servers, this mod uses the server domain to determine if it should show any HUD info. If the server is mentioned in the server configuration section of the config, it will use its respective formatter to parse the tab menu. This allows for the user to conditionally apply different parsing/formatting rules to different servers.

screenshot of server config


To see what tab info your formatter needs to match, enter /tabgrabberdebug in the server you want the HUD to show up. This will output the raw information the tab menu is showing to the user in real time. This will be in the format key: value separated by newlines. The keys Header and Footer are specially reserved for showing header and footer information. They will always appear below the scoreboard info in order.

using the debug command

If there are no objectives, you might see the following when you run this command:

Player1: null
Player2: null

This is normal, and you can ignore that if you don't particularly care about the scoreboard.

There will also be a link you can click on below the debug info to copy it to your clipboard. This is particularly useful if the server uses any esoteric symbols or a resource pack to style the tab menu.

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