TCDCommons API

TCDCommons API


TheCSDev's personal library mod for the Minecraft modding enviroment.

Client or server Utility

Createda year ago
Updated17 days ago

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General bug fixes and tweaks.

The CachedResourceManager now cleans up cached resources less frequently (aka every 3h instead of 30min), so as to save up on performance.

  • Fixed Issue #11
  • The cached resource manager will now clear cache every 30min instead of every 5min
  • Failures to clear cached resources will now show up as warnings in the console, instead of errors, so as to avoid further confusion

Warning: v3.9.2 (or higher) of Better Statistics Screen depends on this version (or higher) of this mod.

  • General bug fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed a bug with the slider widget not always updating properly
  • Implemented some extra utility methods
  • No longer depends on Fabric API

Warning: Incompatible with Better Statistics Screen v3.9 and older. Make sure you update that mod to the latest version.

  • Adjustments to the mod's code structure. No worries, the API is unaffected, so nothing will break if you're using this API.
  • Added a TEvent for ItemGroups's "display context" updating
  • Added a "placeholder text" feature for textboxes
  • Implemented a GUI screen for displaying stack traces from Throwables (experimental).
  • The cached resource manager will now periodically clean up expired cache stored on the drive, saving up space.

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