Tears of Gaia

Tears of Gaia

A small minecraft mod intended to give some flavor to your tools and armor.

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Created 8 months ago
Updated 7 months ago

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A small minecraft mod intended to give some flavor to your tools and armor. The mod is intended or use with vanilla tools, but it includes Tetra support (gems give somewhat different properties and abilities to Tetra tools).

Instructions for players

This section here is sparse and there is no book in-game, that is intentional. You are supposed to discover things on your own. You will find the gems during gameplay, just do your usual routine below y-level 16. Then try improving your best pickaxe or chestplate with one of these gems.

Vision and scope

Author of this mod didn't really like existing tool and armor mods. Yes, Tinker's construct impresses you first time you see molten iron flow down and take shape of pickaxe head - but - next time, in your next playthrough/world you do exactly the same as in the first playthrough/world; same cobalt hammer, same iron pickaxe for fortune... Yes, Tetra manages to feel more natural and adds an exploration aspect, but the same issue remains - different world, same tools.

That's what this mod tries to change - you want to use items from this mod to upgrade your tools. You do. But they are rare so you'll have to make due with what you have. You likely won't have enough to put exactly what you want on each piece of armor and each tool.