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1.20.1 Fabric

Templates adds retexturable blocks. Place a Template and right-click it with any full-size block, and the Template will look just like that block.

Enjoy building with thousands of new possibilities! You can place custom fences, walls, stairs, slabs, trapdoors, levers, buttons, candles, and more. Just for fun, you can also adorn a Template with Glowstone Dust to make it emit light, a Redstone Torch to make it act as a redstone power source, and a Popped Chorus Fruit to make it non-solid.

It's also not too hard for other mods to interface with Templates and add their own templatable blocks.

⚠ Templates was originally conceived as a tech-demo for, and tests the limits of, the Fabric Rendering API. You'll need a compatible renderer implementation installed. Fabric API includes one called Indigo, but it is not compatible with Sodium. If you use Sodium, you might need to install a mod like Indium for Templates to work properly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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