Explore almost 100 new biomes consisting of both realism and light fantasy, using just Vanilla blocks. Complete with several immersive structures to compliment the overhauled terrain.

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Terralith takes Minecraft's 1.18 massive world generation overhaul, and turns it up to eleven.



  • Terralith is technically compatible with William Wyther's Overhauled Overworld, Biomes O' Plenty, and Oh The Biomes You'll Go; but it requires Terrablender, which screws with the biome distribution
  • Terralith is compatible with Tectonic, if you use Apollo's Terratonic
  • Do not add this to an existing world - reset yours first, or use a new world
  • View the structures and biomes per seed using jacobsjo's Minecraft Datapack Map



Terralith adds over 95 brand new biomes, as well as updating almost every vanilla biome with new and improved features. There are also new terrain types: canyons, shattered biomes, floating islands, deep ocean trenches, and much, much more.

Yellowstone is one of Terralith's staple biomes - a simple and beautiful landscape, based on the real life US National Park. Among the list of realistic biomes are Yosemite Cliffs, Shield, and many more depending on what you're looking for in a biome. Highlands and its variants offer a flat surface to create on - builders can imagine anything from huge mega cities to small simple cottages. Adventurers can explore the breath-taking Volcanic Peaks and discover the beautiful Desert Oases.

While realistic biomes can remind us of the beautiful planet we live on, Terralith offers a plunge into the world of fantasy as well. Adventurers can wander through the purple and mystical Moonlight Grove and Amethyst Rainforest, or climb the unforgiving cliffs of the Scarlet Mountains. If determined, sailers can find the mysterious Mirage Isles, or even the elusive and nostalgic Alpha Islands. Terralith encourages imagination to run wild here.

If you feel the surface is too face, have no fear - custom caves lurk beneath your feet! Similar to Minecraft's Lush Cave, the Underground Jungle is full of foliage, and rarely some old abandoned houses. Other caves, like Infested and Fungal Caves are overgrown with spiders and fungi! If you dig super deep, you could stumble upon a sister to the Deep Dark: the Frostfire Caves are dangerous and menacing. Beware!


To tie all of Terralith's magnificent biomes together are it's structures. The ominous tall Spire pierces the sky in the iciest biomes. Rarely, you can find Fortified Villages in the plains and desert - the villagers have progressed quite far as a society! Finally, if you find yourself lost at night, cold and hungry, you might stumble into the warm protection of the simple Glacial Hut.

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