*** ShetiPhianCore Required! ***

This mod adds Fruit Trees, Pergolas, Flowers, Planter Pots, Clouds, Doodads, Tools, and More.


  • Trees will spawn in the world and and bear a variety of fruit;
  • Apple, Pear, Peach, Mango, Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Plum, Coconut, Banana, Mulberry.
  • All trees have there own unique wood, and wood objects; such as fences and doors.
  • Other non-tree fruit is also added.


  • Three blocks are added for building Pergolas; The Roof, Lattice Fence, and Lattice Fence Gate.
  • A connected model system is used to change the look depending on the surrounding pieces.
  • With a wide array of colors to choose.


  • Sixteen different color flowers generate in the world.
  • These can be used to make dye or for decoration.
  • For decoration there are planter pots, which are connected models, and three sizes of flower pots


  • Light, Dense, and Storm clouds generate in the world.
  • These can be walked on with a Feather Talisman.
  • A variety of decorative cloud blocks can be crafted to make a house in the sky.


  • Some Fruit tree wood products.


  • Small fences for decoration and utility.
  • Climbing "over" them slows movement.
  • The blue ones transform mobs.
  • The red/gold one applies a speed buff. This can be boosted with a redstone signal.


  • Sticks and Stones may break your bones, but breaking these give resources.


Craft Bench

  • A crafting table with an inventory, a recipe can be set up for automation.

Craft Furnace

  • A furnace with multiple slots. It smelts 12 per coal, and 2 at a time.


  • Just a hammer that can be used like a wrench, or is it something more... probably not....

Telescoping Scythe / Sickle

  • Useful for harvesting finished crops, or for clearing leaves and grass.


  • Usable as a pick, shovel, hoe, or weapon.
  • Mines a 1x3x3 chunk. Items go directly into inventory and are auto smelted.

Cloud Talisman

  • Allows you to walk on clouds; equipped on chest slot or neck if Baubles is installed.

Ender Monocle

  • Allows you to see enchants in the enchanting table added by the mod.


  • Used to color blocks such as wool, glass, pots, pergolas and more.

Staff of the Clouds

  • Can create of cloud blocks mid air.

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