Terraqueous 1.10.6


  • Fixed capability implementation; all handlers are now cached and invalidate is invoked when needed (solves memory leaks and random unpredictable mod interaction issues)
  • New tool models
  • Updated textures
  • Added sounds to colorizer
  • Changed Cloud Talisman recipe (Unbaked and Baked steps removed, items can be uncrafted into 3x clayball / bricks)
  • Fixed Block Lighting
  • Fixed LF character in staff tooltip
  • Fixed Multitool displaying mode change tooltip when broken
  • Fixed internal glow vapor faces not culling
  • Fixed StormForge Joules support (Caused a crash due to using 1.18 Mekanism API and names changed in 1.19)
  • Added priority to StormForge Recharge and Repair Handlers so the defaults yield to mod added ones
  • Fixed Forge Units/Energy support when the handler is using an unsigned integer resulting in maximum being negative
  • Reimplemented Industrial Foregoing support -- Fruit can be used in the Bio-Reactor -- Plant Gatherer Support --- only harvests fully grown flowers, enabling flower/dye farms --- harvests prickly-pears, pineapples, and vine fruit (including on pergolas) while leaving the plant behind to regrow fruit
  • Pergola models now share an instance (they're already the same so the additional copies where just wasting ram, and startup creation time)


terraqueous-forge-1.19.3-1.10.6.jar(3.16 MiB) Primary Download

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