Texels Paintings

Texels Paintings

Adds paintings based on landscapes, natural environments, and structures to the game.

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This mod adds over 40 new and original paintings to Minecraft that you can use to liven up your worlds and builds. Our paintings feature landscapes, natural environments, ancient structures, and other designs that fit within the themes and style of Minecraft. These paintings integrate directly with the vanilla paintings and are placed in the same way.

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What mod loaders does this mod work with?

We aim to provide compatibility for all popular mod loaders. We have files for Forge, Fabric, and Quilt.

Is this mod client / server side?

This mod is required on both the client and server.

Is this mod compatible with Paintings++?

This mod is compatible with their painting placement selection UI and can be used along side Paintings++ but is otherwise completely independent to Paintings++.

Can I use this in my modpack / videos / thumbnails?

Yes, all we ask is that you credit us and link back to the official CurseForge page when it is realistic to do so.

Can you support version X?

We aim to support as many versions of Minecraft as possible, but due to limited time and resources we can not provide support for every version of the game. Please do not ask us to support your specific version, it's likely already on our list and these requests just contribute spam and distract from working on the mods.

Can you add a painting of X?

We plan to release monthly content updates for this mod. If you have a specific request feel free to ask in the comment section and we will consider it! Please keep in mind that we will only be adding designs that fit within the themes and style of Minecraft so futuristic designs, memes, and cultural references are not likely to be included.

Recommended Mods

If you enjoy painting mods like this one, we highly recommend checking out some other painting related mods!

  • Paintings++ Allows you to place a specific painting down. Also lets you add your own paintings to the game.
  • Cycle Paintings Allows you to quickly cycle through alternative painting variants by right clicking the painting.
  • Transparent Allows paintings and other entities to use transparent textures.
  • Dark Paintings Adds even more paintings designed by a number of artists in the community.
  • Macaw's Paintings Adds Minecraft themed paintings designed by Sketch and Peachy.
  • Just Enough Paintings Preview Allows you to preview paintings through JEI.

Support our Mod

Like our mod and want to support our work? That's awesome! You can support us in the following ways.

  • Leave a comment on our mod page.
  • Share our mod with your friends.
  • Post screenshots of your builds and videos that use our mod.
  • Recommend new ideas for paintings.
  • Ask your favorite modpacks to include our mod.