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This mod is the Thresholds mod. It has been renamed from OTEMod.

This mod is still very much a work in progress. The end goal is to add a bunch of completely random things to the game that spice things up a bit. We are planning to add a few mobs to the game, and are planning to add some structures or dungeons that are unique to this mod.

Note: Vaults are getting revised! In the next version, Vault Fragments will be added as End City loot, and you MUST craft a Vault to obtain a new vault. Your maximum available vaults will then be updated to allow you to access another vault. Existing vaults will be unaffected by this change. This is meant to be a balancing change to ensure vaults are semi-fair as you have to work for it. Server owners will be able to customize the maximum number of vaults someone can unlock. If someone cannot have anymore vaults, the vault will not be redeemed, this means they can turn around and sell the vault if you have a player market on your server.

Any other changes are not yet planned out as this is still very much a WIP between me and friends. I will be posting the modpack to modrinth as soon as I can.

Note: There are no plans to port this mod to fabric, but quilt may be considered.

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