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TrekCraft Mod


Mod for the TrekCraft server

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Welcome to TrekCraft!

This is the official mod for the TrekCraft server

This mod is required to join the server, as it adds thousands of custom assets we use for our builds.

What is TrekCraft?

TrekCraft is the largest Sci-Fi megabuilding server in Minecraft. Our team has been recreating ships in Minecraft at larger than 1:1 scale since the early alpha builds of the game. Our work has been featured by numerous YouTubers, and even in the Mojang movie!

What does this mod do?

This mod adds nearly ~1500 custom assets (blocks, paintings, fences, etc) that we use to build our ships. These are broken down into categories such as TNG Era or Modern Building to fit into the many visual styles of ships across the sci-fi genre.

Why do I have to have this mod to join?

Because this mod adds so much content for our server, it's required to visit. Many of our builds rely heavily on the blocks added in this mod to add things like screens, custom hull colors, and more.

Does this mod work for Singleplayer?

It does, but we'd only recommend using it for creative building. Our mod isn't optimized for survival worlds as it lacks generation and QOL tweaks that would make it usable in a singleplayer world.

How do I visit TrekCraft?

Our server is open to anyone who'd like to join. Simply join our Discord (link on the left of this page), or visit our website and view the Server Guide for details on how to setup your Minecraft client to join our server.

This mod is shared under Creative Commons Non-Commercial 4.0 Share-a-like Remix. You're welcome to build whatever you'd like using our mod, so long as our team is credited in any works, and it's not re-distributed for commercial or financial benefit.

Thank you to iPanic, CreepyRobot, BirchyBo1, SpearmintMagpie, Nystoke, and Cygnus656 for our gorgeous models + textures.

This mod is unlisted. You can download it by grabbing our launcher (Coming Soon) from We use Packwiz to keep your pack up-to-date.

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