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Trivia - A Fabric Question & Reward Plugin

On first run, the plugin will generate a Trivia folder with:

  • A "questions.json" file
  • A "rewards.json" file
  • A "messages.json" file
  • A "" file

Questions/Rewards are added under "pools", which could be treated as categories or "difficulty ranges".

Messages can be edited through the config ("messages.json"), with MiniMessage support.

Quiz timing can be edited through the "" file.

A quiz question will be put in chat every 10 minutes (configurable), and will time out if not answered in 2 minutes (configurable).

If a player's inventory is full, or inserting the item goes wrong for some other reason, it is dropped in front of them.

Upcoming Features

  • Probability - probabilities will be configurable both on pools & individual questions/rewards
  • Cobblemon Integration - use Cobblemon API to auto generate questions like "What type is this Pokemon", "What's the ability from this description" etc
  • Command Rewards - with player name placeholders, so crates/pokemon/claim blocks can be given as rewards
  • Commands

  • /trivia reload [trivia.reload] - reload all config files (rewards, questions, intervals, messages)
  • /trivia interval (seconds) [trivia.interval] - set the amount of time that should pass between questions
  • /trivia timeout (seconds) [trivia.timeout] - after this many seconds, the question is "timed out" and not answerable
  • /trivia start [trivia.startt] - force start a quiz, useful for testing questions/rewards
  • Questions & Rewards Files

    On first run, these should be generated automatically, you can change them under /config/Trivia/

    Both questions & rewards are under "pools", think of these as categories or difficulty types. Questions under the "easy" pool will give rewards from the "easy" pool, but the same could be done for Pokemon vs Minecraft trivia.

    See GitHub for configuration examples

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