Trufflez' Arcanum

Trufflez' Arcanum

An alchemy-based magical tech mod

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Trufflez' Arcanum

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

This is a fabric-only mod that aims to recreate the atmosphere of classic magic mods. It is inspired by historical alchemy, and will have strong emphasis on visuals and automation.

Currently Pre-Alpha - Incomplete, but contains some of the ever-increasing number of blocks, items, and worldgen features.

This mod requires TerraBlender. Download it here:

Additionally, due to changes since Minecraft 1.18, biome modifications are currently incompatible with other biome mods/datapacks.

Planned Features

  • Automatable alchemy for extracting energy from materials
  • Wisps, sentient beings that grant the player abilities and control the balance of the world
  • Staves with selectable foci - a unique tool and weapon system
  • World generation - resources, biomes, tree types, and structures
  • Progression based on exploration and crafting (rather than scanning and research)
  • A really special book that hints at lore and progression as the player discovers more
  • Good looking blocks - loads of wood types, building blocks, furniture, and lighting options
  • Really cool effects for staves, alchemy, and wherever else I can make something look good


  • Actual alchemy - many features are direct implementations of ancient scientific tools and terminology
  • BiomesOP - foliage and custom biome implementation
  • Thaumcraft (what magic mod isn't?)

Currently Implemented

  • Six new tree types with entirely custom (but work-in-progress) generation
    • Their respective log/wood/stripped variants, leaves, plank variants, stairs, and slabs
  • Some worldgen (one custom biome)
  • Crafting recipes, furnace recipes, and blast furnace recipes
  • Base models and texture work

Common Questions

  • When will this be done?

Not sure. I'm a novice modder and life is a thing. Major updates will be on my YouTube channel; in the meantime, progress is available on GitHub.

  • Will you support older Minecraft versions?

This mod depends on features from 1.17 and the upcoming 1.19 update, so, no.

  • Can you implement X feature?

Maybe! I'm always open to suggestions. There will eventually be a Discord server to make this process easier.

  • Did X feature rip off Y mod?

Probably not. Each feature was designed from a blank slate with tons of historical research. For this reason, many concepts and terminology overlap other mods.

  • Will this be available on Forge?