Truly Treasures

Truly Treasures


Highly configurable mod that makes Wandering Traders sell treasure enchantments instead of Villagers

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Created2 years ago
Updateda year ago

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Treasure enchantments (such as Mending and Frost Walker) are a really cool concept, since they are unique, special, and add more of an incentive to explore and obtain them in other ways than just using an enchanting table. But I've always thought that they're not much of a treasure if you can just easily obtain an endless supply of them from villagers, let alone for the price of a single emerald, are they?


On top of that, I've always disliked how useless the wandering traders are, and so I came up with a better idea.


This mod is the result of that. It aims to improve on both of those problems by removing all treasure enchantments from villager trading, and instead adds them as rare trades from the wandering trader.


The mod is fully compatible with treasure enchantments from other mods, and includes a config to customize virtually all of its functionality. For wandering traders, it includes options for changing the book prices, max number of trades, whether they should also sell curse enchantments, and adding exceptions that won't be sold. And for villagers, you can add exceptions that won't be removed from them!

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