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TslatEntityStatus (TES)

View entity health and other statuses. Make smacking things fun again!


TES is a 'damage-indicators' style mod designed to add vital information to the world about the entities in it. It aims to encompass as many facets of information as practical, in a fully-configurable manner so that anyone can use it for any information slice they want.

It is also built with third-party integration in mind, allowing for other mods to configure or utilise the systems provided to their fullest extent


  • HUD-style entity status interface
  • In-world overhead entity status interface
  • In-world damage and healing 'pop-off' particles
  • Team-colour based damage particles (1.20+)
  • Multi-facet status elements
  • Entity name
  • Entity health
  • Entity armour & toughness
  • Entity type alignments (fire immunity, melee, ranged, etc)
  • Entity potion effect icons
  • Fully-user configurable
  • Toggle on/off any element on an individual basis
  • Toggle any feature on/off on an individual basis
  • Adjust the automated features to balance performance to your liking
  • Choose how and when you want the HUDs to appear
  • Configure the render style of the health bar(s)
  • Adjust the size of the on-screen and in-world HUDs
  • Change the default colours of the damage and healing particles
  • Adjust the opacity of the HUDs to your liking
  • Public-facing mod API
  • Trigger your own in-world particles of any type
  • Use the defaults or define your own animation style
  • Render as text, numbers, or any other custom rendering style you choose
  • Add your own HUD elements
  • Render whatever information you choose, in your own free space in the existing hud
  • Decide whether you want in-world or just HUD rendering
  • Replace/modify/expand/remove on the builtin or other mods' HUD elements
  • Dynamically determine your element's visibility and usage
  • Custom client-side particle handling from the server-side depending on your own conditions
  • Custom particle handling for damage events based on their DamageSource on the client (1.20+)
  • Easily retrieve TES' config options from anywhere
  • Fully-documented implementation for all dev-facing classes, fields, and methods
  • Mutliloader implementation for all-platform support


Is this mod server side or client side?

This mod is almost entirely client-side! However, the potion icons will only work if the server has the mod aswell, and has potion icons enabled in the config

Will you support X version?

I only ever really intend to support the following versions: 1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.3+

If someone is willing to port the mod to another version and submit a PR, I can upload it for that version too

Is X feature configurable?

Yes. Almost everything is configurable in this mod, right inside the config.

Can you add X feature?

Maybe! Make a suggestion in the Discord server and if I think it might be useful, there's a decent chance I'll add it

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Licensed MPL-2.0
Published 8 months ago
Updated 16 days ago