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Unofficial Monumenta Mod

Unofficial Monumenta Mod

An unofficial client-side mod for the Monumenta MMO server (


Created5 months ago
Updated14 days ago

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Technical information

Client side
Server side
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This is an unofficial client-side mod for the Monumenta MMO server (

Installation Notes

This mod is currently only available for Fabric. It furthermore requires Fabric API to run.

To be able to change this mod's settings in game, Mod Menu and Cloth Config API need to be installed. The config screen can then be accessed as usual via Mod Menu.

Feature List

Abilities Display

Abilties Display

Shows current class abilities, with current stacks/charges if applicable and remaining cooldown. Also works in Darkest Depths!

To reduce clutter, completely passive abilities are not shown. Most passive abilities with stacks, charges, or a cooldown are shown however.

The display is highly configurable. Make sure to install Mod Menu and Cloth Config API as noted above to be able to edit all options. To reorder abilities, open the chat and then drag the abilities around with the mouse. The entire display can be dragged around by holding ctrl and then dragging.

Big thanks to Randy (mimi_29), Noelle (kindabland), Alyssa (@Alychemist_), Grape (aGrxpe), Kiocifer, nyarrgh, and Papaya (@Papayaaaaa) for the textures!

Textures are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 by their respective authors.

Effects Display

Shows the active effects from the tab list as a HUD overlay while playing.

Feature made by Ascynx - many thanks!

Rich Discord Presence

Adds some extra information about Monumenta in Discord's activity status, e.g. which shard the player is on right now.

Feature made by Ascynx.

Trident Texture Fix


Shows custom trident textures of the resource pack when tridents are held instead of only when in the inventory. Works for both your own and other players' held tridents. Compatible with OptiFine and CIT Resewn.

Thrown trident projectiles still look like the vanilla trident however, as changing that would require a server-side mod.

Custom Helmet Models

Spinning Helmet

Allows resource packs to define models for helmets. Compatible with OptiFine, in particular compatible with its CIT.

To use this feature, download and enable the Unofficial Monumenta 3D Hats resource pack.

Firmament ping fix

Makes Firmament and Doorway from Eternity usable even at high ping (and may also be an improvement even with low ping): Using Firmament will place a Prismarine/Blackstone block instead of the Firmament Shulker box itself, and the Firmament is kept in the hotbar for immediate re-use.

Minor Features

There's some more minor features, like moving player heads worn by NPCs down to fit with the NPC model of the resource pack, and location notifications (by Ascynx). All features can be configured via the options menu.

Chest Count Overlay

Shows number of collected chests in strikes. Feature made by Ascynx.

The chest counts were "borrowed" from Vladomeme's Lootcounter mod.


Adds a small calculator for easier trading to opened containers in the player market. Feature made by Ascynx.

Visibility of the calculator can be toggled by pressing 'K' (key can be rebound in the options menu).

Optionally disable ChestSort

There's options to disable sorting inventories on double right-click. The sorting can be selectively disabled for just the player inventory and/or the ender chest, or for all inventories as well.


The code is open source and pull requests for new features or fixes are always welcome!