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Upgraded Ender Chests is a mod adding a bigger ender chest, and a player linked ender chest.

The Spatial Chest(Right) is a bigger ender chest with double the capacity. The first half of the chest will be your normal e chest inventory, with an additional 27 slots.

The Rift Chest(Left), once placed will be locked to the e chest inventory of the player who placed it. Any player or hopper/pipe who attempts to access this chest will access the ender chest inventory of the player who placed it, as long as they are currently online. Requiring the player to be online helps to prevent stealing, at least the player is online to have a chance to defend. (The player being online also helps to make sure the changed inventory gets saved to prevent dupes. Saves me from having to write custom saving/loading)

Thank you to SirBroseph for coming up with the idea, and for creating all of the textures for this mod.

All upgraded ender chests are compatible with QuickShulker!

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