Transmit redstone and block state data over HTTP(S) to a webserver with this Polymer Library server-side mod. Get data from the Post Wand on any block, or Config Wand to turn Containers, Lecterns, Detectors, Signs, and more - into HTTP-reporting blocks!

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URLium is a Polymer Library server-side mod that transmits redstone, entity, command, and blockstate data over HTTP(S) to a configurable URL.

URLium only transmits outbound requests and logs the HTTP response data to the server log. URLium does not allow incoming commands or controls. Any in-bound control of the server is performed by existing native RCON connections, not any feature of URLium.

  • URLium Block

    • reports redstone power level changes
    • can also be right-clicked by user
    • transmits 'place', 'break', 'use', and 'sense' events
  • URL Post Wand

    • use as tool to report target block or entity data
  • URL Config Wand

    • use on Signs, Chests, Barrels, Comparators, Light Sensors, Sculk Sensors, Hoppers, Droppers, Dispensers, Lecterns, and Mobs will enable/disable change reporting
    • chest contents sent when changed or block update occurs (not always real-time)
    • sign front and back text content sent when changed
    • comparator power level sent when changed
    • sculk sensor power, phase, and frequency sent when changed
    • light sensor power level sent when changed
    • when a writable book or written book is placed on lectern, contents will be sent
    • mobs and entities with change reporting send an "interact" event when right-clicked by any user
  • Ugetblock Command

  • Usetblock Command

    • RCON-accessible command to query and set block data for remote webserver RCON response
    • allows external server to perform lightweight query and get raw ('F3+i' debug query) block data
    • forces block loading / generation if unloaded
    • specify dimension (unlike regualr /setblock)
    • silent execution
    • webserver application/game logic can be written in ANY web language that can respond via RCON
      • PHP, Python, Java, JS, Go, C#... anything!
  • "/webcom" Commands

    • Users may send message to webserver with "/webcom ...message text..."
    • Set command name ("webcom") in config file to any unused command name
    • Up to 3 custom commands!

Respond to the Minecraft server via RCON to complete the circuit of input/output.

Possible uses:

  • server-to-server redstone circuitry
  • compare written book text for a quiz show competition
  • get interactive I/O from the web:
    • audience voting survival competition
    • public HTML browser-viewable scoreboards
    • update your player's status on a website from text on a hanging sign
  • treasure-hunt
    • with a reporting-enabled chest to see who collects items first
    • with a Post Wand to see who can click the blocks first
  • water real-life plants from in-game events triggering a RaspberryPi plant-watering system
  • Anything That Can Be Done Via HTTP


  • Polymer 0.5.18 for Fabric 1.20.1
  • Polymer 0.6.2 for Fabric 1.20.2
    • Be sure to run '/polymer generate-pack' to produce the client-side resource pack and update the SHA1 key in server settings or URLium items will not be visible.


  • set URL in /config/urlium.properties:
    • target=https://my.web.server/full/path/
    • agent=optional_user_agent_name
    • messageCommand=webcom
    • securityToken=secret_token (token is included in Authentication: Bearer header)

Sample PHP Webserver Response Script: https://github.com/JacobMunoz/urlium_1_20_1_public/blob/master/doc/php/index.php

Sample Golang Script: https://github.com/JacobMunoz/urlium_1_20_1_public/blob/master/doc/golang/urlium.go

Sample Python Script: https://github.com/JacobMunoz/urlium_1_20_1_public/blob/master/doc/python/urlium.py

See the docs for more:

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Licensed CC0-1.0
Published a year ago
Updated 8 months ago