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Useless Things

Mod that adds some pretty "useless" things.


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Created 4 months ago
Updated 2 days ago

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Useless mod that adds 3 useless tools, energy generator, and 4 more useless items.

Craft the thing

  • To craft core item in this modpack you need to combine ender pearl and gunpower
  • Tools are crafted from useless ingot. What did u expect anyway

Ingot is crafted from pearl shards and iron

  • For generator you will need 7 obsidian blocks, redstone dust and the best
    item ever -> Nucleus Core

Dont forget to power the generator with some redstone magic

  • There is also a 1% chance for the best item in the game to drop from leaves.

And no its not the core. It is even better then the core. Try right clicking with the item on some blocks. You wont regret it.

Tools This mod really helps early game gameplay. You can use the generator with any other mod that uses Energy API.