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Utilityful Ores

Utilityful Ores is a simple Forge mod that aims to add ores for resources that usually don't have one, along with some extra fun ones, none of them will explode, don't worry about it.

Some of these include:

  • Graceful Miner's Ore : Gives you some mining equipment, and haste!
  • Ender Ore : Gives you ender shards, which can be turned into ender pearls, this isn't an original idea, but there is currently no Forge mod that I know of that adds ender ore, for whatever reason.
  • Sharded Shulker Ore : Gives you shulker shards, which you can use to get shulker shells.

There are many more, but these are just some highlights!

All the ores available on the 0.1.1 version

Above are all the ores that are currently available!


Utilityful Ores is a mod that is supposed to be played with modpacks and configured. You may choose to use it without any configuration, but that would be simply chaotic. If you're a modpack author or just want some guidance on the configs, check out the wiki.

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Licensed MIT
Published 2 years ago
Updated a year ago