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Farming & cooking overhaul with a dash of exploration!


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ValleyCraft is a farming, cooking, and nature overhaul mod with a heavy focus on exploration and discovery. It's inspired by Stardew Valley as well as Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild, and Don't Starve; adding everything from Sickles to Scarecrows and Rope Bridges, as well as over 90 new cooking recipes. Some dishes will even give special effects such as extra hearts or increased strength for a while after eating or drinking them! This mod also extensively changes world generation both above and underground, adding features such as cave vines, scalding sandstone, ice caverns, and much much more. For an in depth look at all of the new crops, worldgen changes, tools, furniture, decorations, recipes, food items, and beyond

Please note the wiki linked above is incredibly out of date and very inaccurate, it will be updated soon! Until then use JEI for recipes and general information <3

If you see this mod hosted on any site besides CurseForge or Modrinth, don't download it! I didn't approve it and it probably has a virus.