Vampires Need Umbrellas

Vampires Need Umbrellas


An addon for Vampirism! 🧛‍♂️🌂

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Created10 months ago
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This mod is an addon for Vampirism.

Now vampires no longer need to fear the sun! This mod adds umbrellas that protect vampires from the sun.

There are 4 types of umbrellas: Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite. Each of them has a different durability that can be changed in the configuration file.
And each type of umbrella is available in 16 different colors.

Features ⭐
🌂Umbrellas that grants Sun Protection
🌈16 different colors of Umbrellas
💎Configurable durability for each type of Umbrella
🐌Configurable Speed Modifiers for when using an Umbrella
💍 Compatible with Baubles and Curios

Frequently Asked Questions❓

Where can I find the mod's config file?
You can find the config file inside the config folder. Consider ".minecraft" being your modpack instance folder if you are using a launcher other than minecraft official launcher.

How to remove the Slow when holding an Umbrella?
You can disable the Umbrella Speed Modifier in the config file
Inside the file you'll se a section named "Umbrellas Speed". Set the values of this section to 0 and restart the game.

How to change the Durability of an Umbrella?
You can change the Umbrella Durabilities in the config file
Inside the file you'll se a section named "Umbrellas Durability". Set the values of this section to whatever you want and restart the game.

How to enable the Baubles/Curios compatibility?
Go to the config file, find the "Umbrellas Mechanics" section and set the "umbrellaBauble" option to "true".
[!] Starting from 1.20, Curios changed the recommended way of registering and enabling new slots from code to Data Packs.
With this change, the "Baubles/Curios" config option was removed. You can download a Data Pack that enables the Curios slot by clicking here.

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