Vampirism Integrations

Vampirism Integrations


Addon to Vampirism providing more mod integrations

Client and server Magic

Created3 years ago
Updated5 months ago

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This is an addon to the mod Vampirism (therefore Vampirism is required).


This mod handles integrations or respectively compatibility with other mods.

While the JEI and GuideAPI integration will stay inside the main mod, any additional compatibility will be implemented here.

Therefore this mod is only useful if you are using one or more of the following mods:
Current Integrations (not always up-to-date):

Minecraft Comes Alive (1.12)

  • Enables players to suck blood from MCA villagers
  • Adds a converted (vampire) version of MCA's villager.
    • Tries to suck blood from other villagers/creatures at night
    • Avoids sun
  • Adds angry version of MCA's villager
    • Normal villagers become angry if too many villagers are bitten
    • Attacks vampires
  • General village compatibility improvements

Conceration (1.16-1.5)

  • Add vampires as undead creatures
  • Add holy water as holy/smite damage

Biomes O' Plenty (1.12,1.16)

  • No sun damage in biome "Omnious woods" and others

Abysalcraft (1.12)

  • No sun damage in biome "Darklands"

Blood Magic (1.12, 1.16) / Evilcraft (1.12) / Tinkers Construct (1.12)

  • 3rd party blood can be filtered to Vampirism's blood

Toroquest (1.12)

  • Guards and sentrys attack vampires

Tough As Nails (1.12)

  • Temperature related things


Why is this a separate mod?

Mod integrations are a lot of work regarding Minecraft updates. If MC updates, but the other mods are not finished yet, I have to uncomment all the relevant parts in Vampirism codes, remove the dependencies and redo all these things once the mod eventually updates.

  • If a other mods changes and requires changes, I don't want to release an update for Vampirism each time
  • It keeps Vampirism's code slightly more organized
  • It verifies that Vampirism's API is working, shows me areas for improvement and can act as an example.
  • It makes it more straight-forward for others contribute and add more integrations (hope this is gonna happen, but I did not have any luck so far)

The most important integrations will stay in Vampirism (JEI, GuideAPI), but any additional (hopefully many) will be added into the separate mod. If you are already installing many mods or a modpack it should not make that much a difference anyway. Can you add more integrations?

Feel free to suggest integrations for any other mod (on the Vampirism Forum thread or as an issue on Github).

But please be specific about what exactly you want to see.


Yes, but give credit and link this page

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