Become a powerful vampire or hunt them down.

Client and server AdventureMagic

Created3 years ago
Updated14 days ago

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  • fix issue with easy villager
  • fix entity tag based task requirements
  • fix blood stats client-sided display
  • fix vampire book opening
  • fix open action order crash on server
  • fix altar infusion interaction crash
  • fix open action change order
  • fix action activate when looking in the air
  • fix village totem single spawn
  • fix some translations
  • fix bat not showing correctly in bat cage
  • fix select ammo 'All types' icon
  • fix faction raid network errors
  • fix jei repair recipes
  • fix actiion order loading with actions no longer present
  • fix hunter minion tech crossbow charging
  • add hat to hunter representatives
  • add blood infused iron blocks to minable tags
  • sync unlock skill to all players
  • add jei integration
  • move blood values into neo forge data maps
  • remove night vision replacement
  • and much more internal changes
  • increase resistance 2 potion duration to 1:30 minutes
  • increase drop chance for vampire books
  • add passive damage reduction for vampires
  • fix item combiner menus without a result slot
  • balance vampire sword damage
  • remove faction restriction from stake

This is an early build for NeoForge. Due to the change in modloader all player related progress is deleted when loading a world saved with MinecraftForge

  • update to 1.20.4
  • update to NeoForge
  • change skill / action statistics
  • fix crash with converted creatures
  • fix crash with converted creatures
  • fix crash with converted villager
  • fix converted villager cure not triggering gossip and stats
  • fix crash with collect resources
  • regeneration effect not applying with regeneration action
  • fix converted villager not saving visuals
  • fix armors armor values of chest and legging items
  • only apply weakness to creatures with half of their max blood
  • fix reload command
  • remove fog diffuser for on destroy
  • add all vampire books to creative search
  • fix injection removed when canceling in the revert back screen
  • fix typo
  • let hunter axe disable shields
  • fix night vision effect being rendered for vampires
  • add dispenser behavior for quarrels
  • change ancient trophy base texture to dark stone
  • fix baron max health not being filled with actual health
  • fix possible startup issue
  • disable totem base piston reaction
  • disable baron boat mounting
  • fix action deactivation on client
  • change actions that apply effects to lasting actions that apply the effect continuously
  • add mod compatibility for actions
  • decrease hunter loot droprate
  • increase hunter camp separation
  • increase hunter outpost separation
  • change cursed bark sound to wood
  • add vampire bad omen translation
  • let dark source sapling grow a cursed spruce tree when planted on cursed dirt and grass
  • add mode blood exhaustion to several items
  • lower sapling drop rate
  • fix jei weapon table recipes
  • fix alchemical fire not consumed on use
  • fix chested boat recipe
  • fix jei weapon table renderer for recipes that do not need 4x4
  • re-colorize ancient beacon gui color
  • only play infect action failed sound for the activating player
  • reduce extended creature blood regeneration when low on blood
  • allow mending on ultimate weapons
  • increase heart striker damage
  • decrease heart striker speed
  • add mod compatibility for dbno duration and neonatal duration

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