Vanilla Permissions

Vanilla Permissions


Adds permission checks into vanilla, to allow for full permission customization

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Vanilla Permissions

This mod adds permission checks into vanilla, to allow for full permission customization.


Permission Description
minecraft.adminbroadcast.receive Receive command feedback
minecraft.bypass.spawn-protection Build inside spawn protection
minecraft.bypass.force-gamemode Bypass forced gamemode
minecraft.bypass.move-speed.player Bypass "Player moved too fast"
minecraft.bypass.move-speed.vehicle.<entity> Bypass "Player moved too fast", while riding an entity (e.g minecraft.boat) Bypass chat kick, when sending messages / commands to quick
minecraft.bypass.whitelist Bypass server whitelist
minecraft.bypass.player-limit Bypass server player limit
minecraft.command.<command> Command permissions, see commands for more information
minecraft.debug_stick.use.<block> Use debug stick on block (e.g. minecraft.oak_trapdoor)
minecraft.<query/load>.<entity/block> Place blocks with nbt data and use debug commands
minecraft.operator_block.<command_block/jigsaw/structure_block>.<place/view/edit/break> Place, view, edit and break operator blocks.
minecraft.selector Use entity selectors in commands


Command permissions use the node system of brigadier. Each node has its own permission, e.g. to get access to the /gamemode survival command minecraft.command.gamemode permission is required for access to the /gamemode command node, and minecraft.command.gamemode.survival is required to be able to run /gamemode survival. If you wish to grant full access to a command you need to give access to all child nodes, e.g. minecraft.command.gamemode.*.

Quality of Life

Server Side

If the mod is installed server-side, it will make clients think they're OP. This allows players with appropriate permissions to place operator blocks and access the gamemode switcher menu.

Execute Command

  • Includes another condition: /execute if permission <entity> <permission> to allow datapacks to check permissions (e.g. /execute if permission @s group.admin run say I am an admin)
  • Modifiers

    • The feedback modifier /execute feedback [silent | console] or /execute feedback entity <entity> is used to silence, or redirect command feedback (e.g. /execute feedback silent run gamemode creative)
    • The oplevel modifier /execute oplevel <level> or /execute oplevel <targets> can be used to reduce the op permission level of the command source context, this can be useful if you want to run a command as a user (from functions or console), but want bypass permissions to work (e.g. /execute as DrexHD oplevel entity @s run rtp, this will use the op level of the player DrexHD instead of the actual command executor for checking permissions like rtp.bypass)

Client Side

If the mod is installed on the client, the gamemode switcher can also be accessed, if the player has access to the command, but isn't OP (useful for spigot-based servers)!

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