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Vein Mining is a mod that adds the titular Vein Mining enchantment, which allows the enchanted tool to break matching connected blocks. The enchantment and mining logic are highly configurable, letting players and modpack developers find their preferred method of balance.

Configuration options can be found in the config folder as veinmining-client.toml, veinmining-server.toml, and veinmining-common.toml.

Please see the wiki page for more configuration information.



Configuration Options

  • Rarity
  • Max Level
  • Treasure
  • Randomly Enchantable
  • Available on Books
  • Base Enchanting Power
  • Enchanting Power per Level
  • Villager Trade
  • Lootable

Vein Mining

Configuration Options

  • Max Blocks Base (without enchantment)
  • Max Distance Base (without enchantment)
  • Max Blocks per Enchantment Level
  • Max Distance per Enchantment Level
  • Diagonal Mining
  • Relocate Drops
  • Limit Mining by Tool Durability
  • Prevent Tool Breaking
  • Tool Damage
  • Tool Damage Multiplier
  • Player Exhaustion
  • Player Exhaustion Multiplier
  • Activation Method (sneak, stand, or keybinding)
  • Blocks Whitelist/Blacklist
  • Custom Block Groups (Tags + IDs)



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Licensed LGPL-3.0-or-later
Published a year ago
Updated 22 days ago