Villager Names

Villager Names


A mod that adds names to villagers and golems

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When playing Minecraft, we encounter a vast array of Mobs. Most of them are either passive or aggressive. However, only two can be considered your allies: the tamed wolves and the Villagers (No, cats don't count. They really don't care about you).

Villagers are very useful, albeit a bit dumb sometimes. We rely on them for trades, automated crops, and Iron Farms. But they often don't receive the recognition they deserve. Sure, you can name them with nametags, but is it REALISTIC? Is it IMMERSIVE? NO!

The purpose of this mod is to bring more life into your game. Every villager that spawns in your world will be given a random name from a list of over 6000 names, which you can customize as desired. This way, every one of those big noses will be a person, not a thing. And you'll feel guilty when pushing them into lava because you don't like their trades.

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  • Adds names to villagers when your server boots up for the first time
  • Adds the villager's profession to the villager's names when they get a profession (config enabled)
  • Adds a " the Child" tag to children (config enabled)
  • Adds robot names to iron golems (config enabled)
  • Allows you to format the villager names into different text styles (config enabled)
  • Allows you to customize the added villager text for a nitwit (we know they are useless. Config enabled)
  • Provides a command system for dedicated servers and a modmenu screen for integrated (singleplayer) ones
  • Removes the profession name from a villager when it turns into a zombie and gives them the Zombie tag
  • When converting back from a zombie, it will change back to a normal villager + normal villager text
  • Shuts the console up when a villager dies, so you can do whatever you want to them without Minecraft screaming at you (config enabled)
  • Allows you to customize the text for a wandering trader (config enabled)

Command Tree

This mod also allows you to use commands to customize it. The root command is /villagername

  • toggle
    • professionNames - Toggles villagers having added professions in their names. Default true
    • golemNames - Toggles names for golems. Default true
    • needsOP - Enables commands only for OP's. Default true
    • childNames - Toggles children villagers having the added "the Child" tag in their name. Default false
    • turnOffConsoleSpam - Toggles console spam off when you kill a villager. Default true
    • wanderingTraderNames - Toggles names added for the wanderingTrader
  • add
    • villagerNames (name) - Adds a name to the villagerNames list
    • golemNames (name) - Adds a name to the golemNames list
  • remove
    • villagerNames (name) - Removes a name from the villagerNames list
    • golemNames (name) - Removes a name from the golemNames list
  • set
    • nitwitText (text) - Sets the added text for a nitwit villager. Defaults to 'the Nitwit'. Will always be prefixed by 'the'
    • wanderingTraderText (text) - Sets the added text for a Wandering Trader. Defaults to 'the Wandering Trader'. Will always be prefixed by 'the'
    • villagerTextFormatting (formatting) - Sets the villager text to the following formatting. Defaults to WHITE. Specific formattings can be found here or can be found by the suggestions in the commands.
  • info
    • sends the player all the current config values

Please note that some of these commands require a server restart to apply.

Note for Modpack Makers

You're free to use our mods in your Modpacks so long the download is redirected either to here or CurseForge. No credit is necessary, although appreciated!

Thanks for using our mods!

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